Alstermo Bruk is the oldest manufacturer of fibreboard luggage in the world. Established in Sweden 1804, the factory has moved only once following a fire in 1935 yet remaining in the deep forests of Uppvidinge. Such is the historical value of Alstermo Bruk that its location developed into a township that was named after the company itself. The original site of the factory was located along the Alster River and also served as a paper mill producing fibreboard for Alstermo luggage and specialty boxes.

Alstermo handmade suitcases traveled with the Swedish royal family from 1895 and the company was official luggage sponsor of the Swedish Olympic team in 1924 through to 1984. In 1996, the paper mill closed but Alstermo continued to produce specialty boxes using fibreboard sourced from Austria along with a capsule collection of suitcases sold exclusively at NK Stockholm.

In 2014 Alstermo is developing a new line of luxury luggage. The first collection collaborates with British coat-makers, Hancock on a vulcanised fibreboard Tote Case with beautiful leather handles and straps from the illustrious Tärnsjö tannery in Sweden. The cases also feature the Hancock Siphonia Elastica print lining, Italian chrome hardware and a statement chrome plated solid brass lock.

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